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Why Do Local Businesses Need SEO?

Local businesses need SEO because they are in competition for customers just like the national chains.  The type of SEO they need is different because they searches for local business are different.  Searches for local business include “NEAR ME” or a locale such as “CRANBURY NJ”.

Here is an example of a search “Local Business Internet Marketing NEAR ME” (and look at who is #1)

This type of box with usually 3 or 4 local businesses in it.  It will appear after the paid ads and before the Normal Google Results.  That is a great place to be in Google BEFORE THE SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS.

The way to get in that box is different than getting in the Search Engine Results.  And it is changing in July.  You want to stay there!  If you’re not there, you can get there.  But only if you know

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • Have time to do it

Do you have all 3 of those.  Most local businesses don’t have any of those.  (But if you aren’t in that box any more, you might have plenty of time since you won’t have any customers)

CyberPro Solutions can get your business in that box and keep it there!


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