There are two types of Free offers Lead Generation Websites


  • The Free Report/Checklist Lead Generation Website
  • The Coupon lead Generation Website.

The idea behind both is to offer a prospective customer an inducement to provide their contact information,

Lead Generation Website Benefits

  • You are building a valuable business asset, your prospect list. And at the end of it all, you own the data and the prospect lists.
  • You are in a win-win relationship with your customer. You are not selling them something that they don’t want.
  • It requires a minimal upfront investment and you are in complete control of your expenses.
  • You won’t be selling them anything on your website, just getting their details. Conversion rates are 25 times that of product sales websites.
  • You can respond to your customer according to their exact needs, because they will have informed you of what they are on the lead generation website
  • It can all be automated, sending the contact information filled in by the lead directly to your contact list
  • All of the leads will be highly qualified, as they came looking for you, not the other way around.